Goals & Philosophy

Equine Medical Services is here to serve all dedicated horse owners. Our goal is to form working partnerships with owners, trainers, and breeders of performance horses thereby promoting prosperity in the equine industry. We believe that it is a great privilege to live and work with horses each day and our practice is dedicated to others who share that outlook. Optimizing the health of each horse supports quality of life and brings joy to the owner. Removing obstacles such as disease and lameness allows the equine athlete to perform, compete, reproduce, or become marketable.

Words to Action: What we Offer

  • Efficiency in providing services: Dr. Perkins has the help of a full time technician.
  • Thoughtful and thorough diagnostic approach: finding the exact problem in order to fix it.
  • Communication: readily available to discuss your horse and follow up on its progress.
  • Technology: state of the art imaging modalities.
  • Incentive plans for larger barns.
  • Referrals: we regularly and readily refer to specialists to ensure that your horse always receives optimal and unlimited options.